St. Peter's Green

A naturally serene setting surrounded by tall trees, St. Peter's Green is located directly adjacent to the church that shares its name. The land was purchased in 2022, with the intention of creating a multi-purpose outdoor area.

St. Peter's Green has been evolving over the past two years, beginning with the painstaking removal of the Taylor House that previously occupied the center of the property. Since then, the lot has been scoured and cleaned-up, with many discovered artifacts displayed in the nearby Washington Parish Museum.

Once the lot was leveled and drainage work completed, new amenities began to appear. An outdoor event tent has been installed. A new roundabout driveway with parking has been created that leads directly to the  "Kitchen on the Green" for pick-up of the monthly Community Meal. With help from local Girl Scouts, a walking trail was created with signage marking specific trees, their significance in early American history, to native Americans, and in the Bible. Additional plans for St. Peter's Green include a Labyrinth built by the congregation using original bricks from the burned church building.