Special Events

Stay Tuned for details about the 175th Anniversary Celebration for this historic church on May 31st, 2024!

All are welcome to join these upcoming events.

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2024 Lent, Holy Week and Easter Services

Can you Say Demisemiseptcentennial?

We look forward to welcoming all in May 2024 for St. Peter's 175th Demisemiseptcentennial Celebration!

The Rev. William McGuire had previously reported that no Episcopal Church existed in Washington Parish. In 1849, his report was updated as follows, “A commodious, and excellent brick church has been completed at Oak Grove in this parish, and is now ready for consecration.” St. Peter’s in Oak Grove was consecrated by The Rt. Rev. John Johns on May 31, 1849.  to replace Pope’s Creek Church (1744-1826). 

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