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Our Leadership

St. Peter's Vestry

The vestry at St. Peter's consists of 9 members elected to 3-year terms.  The basic responsibilities of the Episcopal vestry, as explained on The Episcopal Church website, are "to help define and articulate the mission of the congregation; to support the church's mission by word and deed, to select the rector, to ensure effective organization and planning, and to manage resources and finances".

Below lists the current St. Peter's vestry members with term expiration dates: 

Senior Warden:  Brent Jones (12/31/2023)

Junior Warden:  John Hopkins (12/31/2022)

Register:  Jane Tyler Coates (12/31/2023)

Julie Hynson (12/31/2022)

Mary Berry (12/31/2023)

Alec Westall (12/31/2023)

Tom Smallwood (12/31/2022)

Laura Coates (12/31/2024)

Johnny Jenkins (12/31/2024)

Church Leadership Positions

For the church to fulfill its mission, there are many areas of church operation that must be managed, most by volunteer parishioners.

Cemetery Manager:  Jimmy Coates

Cemetery Fund Treasurer:  Cathy Jones

Music Director:  TBD

Sunday School Teacher:  Debbie Travis

Treasurer:  Wanda Mason

Treasurer of Endowment Fund:  Mary Anne Hopkins

Trustees:  Fletch Flemer, Wanda Mason, John Hopkins

Church Committees

Acolyte Leader:  Roberta Kulina

Altar Guild:  Mary Beth Carter, Wanda Mason

Building & Grounds:  Dee Carter, Mary Beth Carter, John Hopkins (Jr. Warden/Chair), Johnny Jenkins, Roberta Kulina, Tom Smallwood

Care Committee:  Mary Berry (Chair), Cathy Jones, Julie Hynson, Mary Anne Hopkins, Cathy Perry, Paula Stepp, Roberta Kulina

Cemetery Committee:  Cathy Jones, Jimmy Coates, Doug Flemer

Christian Education:  Fr. Rod Gordon (Chair), Christina Gruszecki, Julie Hynson

Community Meal:  Cathy Jones (Chair), Dee Carter, Mary Berry

Endowment Fund:  Brent Jones, Mary Anne Hopkins, Jane Tyler Coates

Finance and Audit:  Roberta Kulina (Chair), Mary Beth Carter, Fletch Flemer

Kitchen Coordinators:  TBD 

Lay Readers:  Mary Anne Hopkins

Outreach Committee:  Julie Hynson (Chair), Mary Berry,  Cathy Perry, Betty Currey, Cathy Jones

Social Media Committee:  Diane Doumas (Chair), Jessie Smallwood, Christina Gruszecki

Stewardship:  Wanda Mason, Cathy Jones, Cy Murphy (Chair), Roberta Kulina

Taylor House Committee:  Fr. Rod Gordon, Dee Carter, John Hopkins (Jr. Warden), Peter Fahrney, Fletch Flemer (Chair), Mary Beth Carter, Christina Gruszecki, Cathy Jones

Ushers/Church Security Chair:  Scott Mitchell

Diocesan Convention and Regional Committees

Diocesan Convention Delegate:  Cy Murphy;  Alternate:  Tom Smallwood

Northern Neck Region Delegate:  Cy Murphy;  Alternate:  Tom Smallwood